perfection in all we do

A wide range of body and collision repair services for all types of vehicles

Your experience is our drive

Engaging Repair Experience

You work with 1 person, beginning to end. Ability to check repair status online. Text your estimator. View in-process photos.

Competitive Prices

Half of our repairs are people paying out of pocket.

Diamond Certified Work

Truly advanced technicians. Full-time paint color matcher. OEM procedures. Advanced driver assistance scanners. Complimentary interior/exterior detail.

OEM Parts Price Matching

Insurance companies typically put on their estimates the most “cost-effective” parts which are almost always refurbished, used, and/or aftermarket. We are one of the best around at getting the parts priced-matched with brand new parts from the dealership (OEM Parts) 95% of the time.

OEM (Manufacturer) Procedures

We pull the OEM manufacturer procedures necessary for repairs to your vehicle. For example, did you know if you take the rear bumper off a Toyota Camry equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring you must recalibrate the BSM system even if they weren’t touched?

Diagnostic Scanners

Every car, whether we get paid to or not, receives a scan and health check of all its major electronics (advanced anti-crash systems, air bags, anti-lock brakes, ect.) The scan report is available to customers upon request.

Truly advanced technicians

The average experience of a technician at B2 is about 17 years, with 6 years being the minimum. We have a “sculptor” who is one of the best panel repair artists in the bay area, a “heavy” specialist for hugely damaged vehicles, a plastics specialist, ect. Vehicles are changing to be much more-so electronically inclined and we have a dedicated person scanning or researching these items for most of their day.

Complimentary Car Detail

One of B2’s secrets no-more is the complimentary interior and exterior detail nearly every vehicle receives. Details vary depending on the amount of work done but generally include: vacuum, interior cleaning, clay, wash & wax exterior, windows, wheel and tire cleaning.